About Us

We specialises in the sale of freshly baked waffle dough prepared according to a secret recipe, you can top the waffles up with sweet or savoury options and we also produce special milkshakes and Asian drinks and based on it and other hot and cold beverages . We are not here just to share the delicious flavours and taste of our special bubble waffle but to deliver the warmth and love to fill your hearts.  Starting from nothing, we believe “quality” and “consistency” is the key to successful brands and sustainability in this competitive food business.

The secret lies not only in the novelty and the uniqueness, but also in unforgettable taste, and most importantly authentic natural products! Today ­ in the Era of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks there is an incredible interest in the goodliness and singularity of each Bubble Waffle from the side of target audience:  dandies and ladies, parents and children, pupils and students ­ people of all ages and classes. Bubble Waffle is a kind of trendy snack on the go. If you’re ready to get more popularity with lots of likes and comments in socials, then you definitely should show the Original taste of Bubble Waffle to the World.

Yam Yam Bubble Waffles was instinctively created because of our obsession for delicious food and inspired by our travels to Asia. Yam Yam Bubble Waffles started out as a little experiment in my grandmother’s cafe in Hong Kong. Our aim is to bring this delicious wafflelicious taste to the UK.

The secret recipe is based on natural ingredients!! The secret of the unique taste of our Bubble Waffles is very simple! We use only fresh products of the best national manufacturers to prepare them.

“Yam Yam” was a nick name giving to me by my adopted late grandmother. She was an amazing baker and I have adopted most of her principles “Love” “Care” and “Quality”. So with her memory I came up with the name “Yam Yam bubble waffles”.

I learned a lot from my grandmother. I learned how to really love good food. She was an amazing baker and she taught me the principles she put into her amazing creations. Love. Care. Quality. I was experimenting in her bakery in Hong Kong and when I came up with something I thought she would love, I wanted to honor her memory. She called me Yam Yam when I was little, so I named my new creation Yam Yam Bubble Waffles.
They are truly delicious. The secret is in the ingredients, of course, and everything we use is all-natural and sourced from the best providers in the country.